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About us - Our Academy

Fitness with meaning for our local communities

MASTER KO established KO's TAEKWONDO ACADEMY over 25 years ago to create a family oriented environment where all members of the local community could benefit physically and mentally from the art of Taekwondo. Our goal is to help students achieve positive self-improvement and personal development in order to be successful role models in life.

Our classes provide a positive team environment that is fun, encouraging, motivating and promotes participation and interaction from all members. KO's Taekwondo accomodates for all needs and learning abilities.

Taekwondo will help students to set their own goals and be motivated to achieve them, helping them reach their full potential. Our students carry themselves with great social skills, a positive attitude as well as leadership qualities.

Today, Master KO continues to work hard to provide the best quality of teaching for his students. His Academy is recognised by the official international and national Taekwondo governing organisations and bodies.


Meet our master

Master KO: Helping Students Reach Their Full Potential

MASTER KO is the former Head Coach for the NSW Taekwondo Sparring Team.

Master KO started Taekwondo in 1964 in Korea and currently is a 7th Dan Black Belt. Since 2001, he has held the position of STATE TECHNICAL DIRECTOR of Taekwondo in NSW.

As Technical Director of NSW, Master KO oversees the development and education of the technical application of Taekwondo in NSW as endorsed by the World Taekwondo Federation, and regularly conducts seminars for other Taekwondo clubs and school across the state.